RetailSystem Connecting Plate for EC Terminals

The RetailSystem connecting plate for EC Terminals offers a range of cash terminal plate mounts specifically suited to that model, which can be fitted to the RetailSystem Connect arms and columns, giving more options for mounting your technology at the counter.



RetailSystem Connecting Plate for EC Cash Terminals:

Artema Hybrid – SKU: 851+0035+019

Banksys Yomani ML+XR Touch – SKU: 851+0035+007

ICP BIA – SKU: 851+0035+017

Ingenico ICT 250/220 – SKU: 851+0035+011
Download Datasheet

Ingenico IPP 350/310 – SKU: 851+0035+009
Download Datasheet

Ingenico IPP 480 – SKU: 851+0035+020
Download Datasheet

Primus PT201594 – SKU: 851+0035+002
Download Datasheet

Verifone H5000 – SKU: 851+0035+001
Download Datasheet

Verifone VX 520 – SKU: 851+0035+014

Verifone VX 820 – SKU: 851+0035+012
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Banksys Yomani ML+XR+Touch RS – SKU: 851+00035+007
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Anthracite, Silver


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