The MoreSpace range from Novus is a comprehensive collection of high quality ergonomic monitor mounting solutions for your workplace. Our solutions aim to provide space at your desk giving you maximum efficiency. The MoreSpace products are flexible to meet your needs and can be added to as required.

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Monitor mounts


Desk organisation


MoreSpace sets

Ergonomic combinations for your office or workplace

Choose from over 20 ergonomically designed sets to mount flat screen monitors, task lighting and desk organisers. Perfect for any office environment, each set can be added to with any of the MoreSpace products in the range.

Monitor Arms and Mounts

Ergonomic mounts for all workplaces

Choose from our extensive range of flat screen arms and mounts. Options include wall mounts, desk clamps, or mounts on column supports. See our range of monitor mounts below, which provide a solution for every type of flat screen monitor.

Novus TSS

For larger or heavier flat screens, the TSS range is ideal for control rooms

Novus MY 2.0

Our cost-effective option for mounting lighter weight monitors and tablet mounting

Novus LiftTEC

Gas assisted monitor arms which are desk clamped or wall mounted

Novus ScreenMount

For mounting single flat screens which are large and heavy, perfect for presentations

Novus Clu

For mounting lighter weight monitors in any position with gas assisted spring technology


Sleek, stylish LED task lighting for your office or workplace

We offer the Attenzia LED task lamp range, which are high quality, stylish desk lamps, which can be clamped to the desk or mounted on a MoreSpace column. There is also a free-standing option for desks and a floor standing lamp. All offer perfect illumination of 742 lm and have smart internal cable routing to hide away unsightly cables.

Office Organisation

Be ultra organised and efficient at your desk

Choose from our extensive range of filing trays which can stack to create your own organisation. Our telephone holders use a universal support arm which allow not only for telephone sharing but for getting the phone handset away from the desk space. With slatwalls to mount equipment as well as providing privacy, along with a range of shelving sizes, we can also provide custom solutions for your workspace. So get that clutter off your desk!

Seating balls

Work the core and improve posture at the same time

The Novus seating ball gives you an ergonomic position for short periods when sitting at a desk. With regular use in short bursts, posture can be improved. Other benefits include the alleviation of any back issues and advantage of burning extra calories by working core muscles…and just by sitting on it.

The seating ball comes in two sizes, 65cm and 70cm, both with a brown leather finish, a carry handle and internal weight reinforcement to stop the ball rolling away.

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