How to Choose Your Monitor Mount

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With many models to choose from, we guide you through the process of how to choose your monitor mount.

MY, LiftTEC, TSS, ScreenMount and now Clu, there are many options available from Novus for mounting your flat screen monitor to benefit the health and wellbeing of the user.

But how do you choose the correct one?

Follow our simple guide to help determine which mount is most suitable for your workspace.

Step 1

Decide how many screens you are looking to place. If it is just one or two screens, then each option is available to you. With two screens, each range offers dual monitor arms which provide ergonomic support. Or for multiple screens, choose the TSS range for mounting banks of screens using one column support with multiple arms and mounts.

Step 2

Determine the weight of each screen.

Our ranges offer the following weight limits, making a decision for which mount to use even easier.

0-5kg Choose Novus MY, TSS and Clu ranges

0-7kg Choose Novus Clu

3-15kg Choose Novus LiftTEC and TSS ranges

15-45kg Choose Novus ScreenMount range

Step 3

Where are you looking to mount your monitors?

Wall mounted options are available for the Novus MY, TSS, ScreenMount and LiftTEC ranges, with the Clu range offering slatwall fixing.

The TSS, LiftTEC, MY and Clu all offer various models for desk mounting, with a choice of drill screw fitting, desk clamp or cable port. Both the Clu and LiftTEC ranges offer a 3 in 1 fixing so all three methods are provided.

A further decision regarding length of support column is also required. We offer standard lengths of 445mm, 545mm and 890mm for all our supports, with the option of providing custom lengths too.

Floor and ceiling mounted options are offered by the TSS and ScreenMount ranges.

Step 4

What level of maneuverability is required?

Our gas assisted ranges offered by the LiftTEC and Clu provide flexible mounting where screens can be moved up and down at the touch of a finger.

Step 5

Get in touch with us and we can offer advice on your individual requirements and provide a quotation for you.

We hold a large stock of items here at our factory in Hampshire for delivery within 2-3 days. Find out more about our products.

To review these steps again, download our handy infographic

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