Dreaming of a White Christmas?

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Are you dreaming of a white Christmas this year?

With our extensive range of ergonomic mounts and accessories, many now come in a white finish, for clean lines and polished office interiors.

Take the latest model, the Novus Clu.

This monitor mount is suitable for monitors up to 27 inches and 7kg in weight. It comes in a one part, two or three part arm as well as the Clu Duo for two monitor positioning.

The Novus MY range of lighter weight monitor arms also offers a white model. The MY range is suitable for monitors up to 5kg in weight. White options also include the MyTab universal tablet holder, to complete the range.

And its not just monitor mounts on offer…

We also have a range of white task lighting, with the Attenzia Space, Space XT and Space Active HCL lighting in white.

White finishes in offices and workplaces represent purity and cleanliness and works especially well in wide open spaces as a foundation and create a sense of calm. White can increase the reflectivity of surfaces, creating a brightly lit office, which is pleasing to the eye, and great for wellbeing. Who wants to work in a dark, dingy office?

Choosing white for your ergonomic accessories means that they blend seamlessly with white furniture, which is easy to find and easy to keep clean!

You are then free to choose accent colours for your office on walls and partitions, or monochrome-it-up for a modern twist!

Consider teaming your monitor mounts with green accents in your décor, to bring balance and growth. Or how about blue, which helps employee wellbeing by relaxing and boosting brainpower.

Find out more about our range of monitor mounts and task lighting for your office space, and make your all your white Christmases come at once!

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