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Moving From Social Media Tactics To Your Social Business Plan

Over a year ago, I put a presentation out in public titled "Social Media Is Dead. Long Live Common Sense". Admittedly, it was a little ahead of it's time. Most companies back then were not ready buy instagram likes to think about social media outside of anything that looked like viral marketing at most and at the least, a place to monitor conversations. Today is different—many organizations find themselves in either the "crawling" or "walking" phase of social business integration and desire to rapidly move toward running and flying even if they are nowhere close to it. In short, organizations are beginning to realize that "social" needs to be integrated into how they do business and because of it's disruptive nature and the fact that "social" refuses to be silo-ed in a single department. The future of all things "social" is integration—this is inevitable. But in the present, the here and now—many companies are struggling to scale their social experimentation into something that they can point to as a success. This piece is meant to illustrate the way to do this which takes into account the three parallel paths needed to work in tandem to accomplish this:

Carry out business research on social media platforms

Before starting to use social media, look for comments and discussions about your business on social media websites. You can do this by searching for your business name or brand names on Facebook, Twitter and other social media sites. You can also use Google Alerts to receive email buy targeted instagram likes notifications any time that Google finds new results on a topic you’re interested in. For example, you could get updates when people post content about you on the web, or keep up with news stories. If you search as many social media sites as possible, you’ll find out which sites your past, current and prospective customers are using the most often. Exposure on industry-specific websites You may also find that your business is mentioned on other industry-specific sites.

What’s Your Social Business Plan?

Let us look at one of the biggest mistakes made in social media marketing that can be directly related to not having a plan in place. For the most part the top three social media networks in the US are Facebook, YouTube, and Pinterest. Each of these three can easily be used by businesses to attract potential customers in order to encourage interaction and potential visits to your site. With using these three as examples of part of buy instagram likes your marketing plan, they should work together to meet your common goals. Instead, many businesses tend to use each one of these sites to talk about things that do not relate to each other which could be confusing to the person who is looking at them from the outside. With a simple marketing analysis helping to guide your plan you can determine what information is the most important to potential customers. You could write a blog describing some aspect of concern or information that people want to know about your business and then briefly address this topic on Facebook. This network would allow more information to be exchanged allowing you to interact with people. Next, record a quick video where you discuss the subject. It is not a big budget production. Instead keep it personal so that your potential customers can relate. Next, try pinning some pictures that relate – whether it is a clever meme or pics of your goods – to Pinterest. Visual media has literally exploded meaning that avenues like YouTube and Pinterest are key to marketing your business.

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