Document Storage - Copyswinger Filing Trays, Filemaster shelving, Viewmaster document displays
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Our Novus document storage products allow for a clear and efficient workspace, no matter how small. Choose from our sturdy  filing tray sets, our filing tray shelves and filing systems, or our document display holders for a truely organised workspace.

Novus BoardMaster 100 filing shelving
BoardMaster 100 filing shelving
Novus CopySwinger 1
CopySwinger 1
Novus CopySwinger 2
CopySwinger 2
Novus CopySwinger 3
CopySwinger 3
Novus CopySwinger 4
CopySwinger 4
Novus CopySwinger 5
CopySwinger 5
Novus CopySwinger Duo 2
CopySwinger Duo 2
Novus CopySwinger Duo 3
CopySwinger Duo 3
Novus CopyTray Single Tray
CopyTray Single Tray
Novus Display Pockets
Display Pockets
Novus Duo-Boardmaster 100/120
Duo-Boardmaster 100/120
Novus Indicator Tabs
Indicator Tabs
Novus ViewMaster Carousel
ViewMaster Carousel
Novus ViewMaster Desktop Carousel
ViewMaster Desktop Carousel
Novus ViewMaster Ergo 2
ViewMaster Ergo 2
Novus ViewMaster Fix
ViewMaster Fix
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