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Novus OfficeLight LED Corona 2

Novus OfficeLight Corona 2 is a Modern desk lamp with 2-part aluminium support arm which uses the universal clamp 1 fixing method which easily clamps to a desk or worktop. The lamp has adjustable joints and spring balancing mechanism to allow for infinate adjustability with an action radius of 995 mm. Fitted with 6 powerful LED's and wide range power supply unit, cable length:approx 2m
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Novus OfficeLight LED Corona 2

LED, lighting the future. The 6 LEDs in the new NOVUS Office Light Corona II reach maximum output on just 8.5 watts of power, illuminating the entire desk surface with incredible efficiency. Composed of a 2-part aluminium arm with adjustable plastic joints, internal cable management and spring balancing mechanism, the new light has an action radius of 995 mm. Intelligent circuitry provides the NOVUS Office Light Corona II with infinitely variable dimming. The press of a button returns the LED light back to the maximum output of 746 lux. The lamp reaches an average luminous intensity of 461 lux, based on the DIN 5035-8. After operating for 10 hours, the energy-saving function automatically switches the light to standby mode, with the low power consumption of 0.2 watts. With an orientation light integrated in the switch, the lamp shows the way in the dark .

Modern design. Easy to use. High degree of flexibility

Product Documentation

Corona 2 light produc data sheet
Corona 2 technical drawing
Corona 2 technical drawing 2

This item is available in the following models

Model Code Retail Weight Information
OfficeLight LED Corona 2- silver/anthracite 737+0009+000 £0.00 0.00
OfficeLight LED Corona 2- light grey 737+0002+000 £0.00 0.00
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