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Novus high-quality monitor arms, brackets and supports provide a secure, ergonomic and convenient way of mounting modern flat screens.  The monitor is repositioned easily and quickly after changing posture at your desk, chair or even standing, helping to ensure the most ergonomic viewing angle.

Choose from a selection of fixing methods to maximise your workspace:-

Flat Screen Monitor Arm complete with Desk Clamp Fixing 

- LiftTEC or MY ranges available
- Simple monitor mounting solution
- Easily fixes to desk or table

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Simple Flat Screen Monitor Wall Mounts and Brackets

- Three ranges: MY, LiftTEC, TSS
- Wall brackets allows close fixing to wall
- Wall mounted monitor arms - MY, TSS, LiftTEC ranges

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 Dual Flat Screen Monitor Arms


 -  Two ranges: LiftTEC, TSS
 -  For
Mounting Two Screens side by side or one above the other

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Heavier & Multi-Screen Flat Screen Monitor Arms with Column Support 

- Two ranges: TSS and LiftTEC
- Mount up to 8 monitors per column

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Large Flat Screen Mounts for Wall, Ceiling and Floor 

- Two ranges - TSS and ScreenMount
- Mounts large screen monitors up to 70" and between 30-100kg
- Choice of fixings- wall, ceiling and floor stands

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MoreSpace sets

Make your office quick to set up with our range of monitor mounting sets.

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