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Novus ViewMaster Fix

Novus ViewMaster Fix is a document holder with 2 piece arm with three locking positions, which is fixed to the desktop using a universal clamp 1.
page 106

Novus ViewMaster Fix

Important and constantly needed information always conveniently in view. Adjustable tilt and height (3 settings). 2-piece articulated arm. Documents are protected from dust and dirt at all times. The ViewMaster Fix can be combined with virtually all products from the NOVUS More Space System to create an intelligent unit.
For 12 A4 display pockets.  Display pockets not included.  Colours: light grey or anthracite

This item is available in the following models

Model Code Retail Weight Information
ViewMaster Fix light grey 748+0002+000 £0.00 0.00
ViewMaster Fix anthracite 748+0005+000 £0.00 0.00

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