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Novus CopySwinger Duo 3

Novus CopySwinger Duo 3 is a 2 x 3 filing tray system, mounted on the desktop using a universal clamp 1.
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Novus CopySwinger Duo 3

Save twice the space and know where everything is! Positioned side by side in 2 x 3 formation, the trays can be hooked in lengthways or crossways to suit space availability. The DuoCopySwinger can be combined with virtually all products from the NOVUS More Space System. Colours: light grey or anthracite

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Model Code Retail Weight Information
CopySwinger Duo 3 light grey 721+6002+000 £0.00 0.00
CopySwinger Duo 3 anthracite 721+6005+000 £0.00 0.00
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