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About Novus GmbH and Thinking Space Systems Ltd

Novus GmbH & Co. KG is a subsidiary of the Erwin Mueller Group, with over 1.000 employees worldwide and operates longer than 60 years. The division More Space System offers solutions with the aim of bringing ergonomics and efficiency to desk and monitor workstations - enabled through a wide range of modular related products which systematically optimize the use of space on any desk – in all three dimensions. This effects convenience and flexibility.

The range of products includes for example universal support arms for flat-screens, telephones, notebooks and display pockets for example.

The main reason for the reputation the NOVUS brand has enjoyed since the company was founded in 1949 is doubtlessly the development of perfected technologies for office equipment and fastening tools.

Today, reliability and innovative design typify a wide range of contemporary products designed for efficiency and ease of work in the office or for professional fastening in the trades and DIY.

As a specialist, NOVUS vouches for perfected products of first-class quality.

NOVUS products are distributed in the UK by Thinking Space Systems Limited. Established  since 2003,and based in the south of Hampshire, Thinking Space manufacture quality control room furniture, using NOVUS products as standard for mounting monitors and for lighting.

Ergonomics – for healthy office work.

For Novus, products need to be more than just commodities that merely do their job or simply look good. This is why our brand name is only given to products that meet the highest demands on efficiency and ergonomics. This guarantees convenience and pleasure of use at the workplace. And this additional value is set to prevail.

Innovation – only the better product has a future.

"German Quality" is respected the world over. This is why, at Novus, the principle of making good products even better is not a mere promise but a true commitment because only we as manufacturers have the means and the privilege of turning consumer wishes into reality quickly and with a focus on the benefits. It is for this reason that only the cleverest products ever get beyond the Novus development department – and this makes Novus one of the most innovative companies in the industry.

Design – fine when it's practical.

For NOVUS, good design is always practical design. Ergonomic design development starts as early as the product's technical concept stage. This means you don't have to choose either an attractive or a practical product because, at Novus, customer satisfaction is equally a matter of looks as it is technical perfection.

Protecting the environment – ecological responsibility comes first.

Novus sees a duty in taking responsibility for the environment. Following the internationally applicable eco-management system under EN ISO 14001, every product is handled with the environment in mind from the time it is manufactured to the time it is packaged. And ultimately, the long useful life of all Novus products is not only the most effective way to protect the environment but, in the long run, also more cost-effective for all of us.

Quality – goes without saying at Novus.

Product quality and user health always come first at Novus. All products have been awarded coveted safety certificates. EN ISO 9001 certification guarantees the consistently high quality of design, materials, production and sale of all Novus products.

Guarantee – durability always pays its dividends.

To Novus, reliability matters. Even in constant daily use, Novus More Space products are guaranteed to ensure proper working order as well as flawless engineering, design and material for 2 years. So that you can concentrate on the essentials.


Returns policy

We offer a full refund for your unwanted items on the condition that they are returned in their original packaging with all components present, and all in a resalable condition. We cannot refund carriage charges or credit card charges.

We will charge a restocking fee should the product need to be “made good” once received by us, to allow for its resale.

Your unwanted product can be returned to us using our standard freight charges, or you are entitled to arrange your own delivery back to our premises.

For any further queries, please get in touch with us at info@thinking-space.com


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